UK | The 2022 Wellbeing Trends and HR report

Things are changing.  Thoughout the pandemic, there has been an increase in organisations looking at supporting their employees mentally, physically and emotionally.  We’ve seen a rise in the number of companies adopting wellbeing activities and approaches.  The Wellbees Employee Satisfaction Report, 2021, found that employee wellbeing programs also helped to provide a competitive edge for companies during the recruitment process.

It is undeniable that the number of companies investing in employee wellbeing is on the rise. We asked HR experts what trends they are seeing in the wellbeing space and the changes being implemented and created the report to highlight the key areas. 

The 2022 HR Wellbeing Trends and HR Report includes:

  • The wants and needs of employees
  • The need for wellbeing to be a long term investment, not just a quick fix
  • What Wellbeing Analytics are needed for accurate monitoring and measuring