The Social Effect on Employee Wellbeing

Summertime, and the livin’s easy. Right? For employees that socialise with colleagues during the summer months, yes! The data proves employees who mingle in the workplace have a sunnier outlook. Though it’s not all blue skies: June and July show the most significant dip in socialising out of the calendar year. The time is ripe to encourage social interaction at work. High social connection in the workplace is why 3 out of 5 employees feel engaged. Compare that to the 1 out of 10 with low social interaction who report high workplace engagement.


Workplace socialising generally decreases in summer, reducing excitement, motivation and connection. This is an opportunity to increase social time with colleagues. Want to learn why having a BFF at work boosts productivity? Or how to tip the scales towards positive engagement in Q4? We’ve got your summer beach read, a Bee-crafted Social Effect Booklet with all insight, data and best practices. 


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