Successfully Combatting New Year Job-Hopping

Take an insider dive into all the latest salary trends and wellbeing benefits that matter to employees!


Looking for a new job is the pinnacle of many a new year's resolutions list. People seek higher salaries to help tackle their financial squeeze. This year, the temptation to start afresh is higher than ever, with an ongoing cost of living crisis teamed with inflation at 10.7% (as of November 2022). Claro Wellbeing's national research uncovered that 19% of employees plan to leave their job if the cost of living crisis worsens over the next 12 months.


With these figures in the spotlight, what can we do? Listen Melis Abacıoğlu, Stacey Lowman and Shelley Crane in their field with insight into salary trends across many industries.


They'll walk us through the available financial wellbeing benefits for when pay raises aren't an option, giving us tools to combat job-hopping. Focusing on wellbeing can be the key that unlocks retaining your top talent.


Discussion points:

  • How salaries are changing in light of inflation
  • Going beyond salary: the financial wellbeing benefits that your employees (actually!) want
  • Looking beyond finances: the wellbeing benefits that are more than perks and can make a difference to employees
  • Smart, people-centred strategies to retain talent in a competitive market during a cost-of-living crisis