LOOP Roundtable Report

The UAE is a home away from home. How many times have we heard this same old song? Probably more than we can count. It's not only individual preferences that have fueled this mind shift. Numbers show that the UAE's quality of life has increased over the past ten years. New working laws look like they are even going to accelerate this process.

However, one aspect is changing slower than the others: people's conditions at work. The UAE is still one of the most overworked countries in the world. Employee wellbeing is comparatively low on the agenda. 

Thank you for joining us on October 20th as a part of Home Stretch, the last mile to be covered before the UAE completes its final metamorphosis. The fourth year and sixth edition of LOOP Summit did a deep dive into all areas of change to give you the tools to bring about the transformation you need in your C-Suite, culture, and individual behaviour sets to inspire a well-working place. This report documents the roundtable discussions, a signature to LOOP events.