IGA Case Study

The airport industry is going through an overhaul. Airports are crowded and short on staff, and employees who have stayed are burnt out. Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA), founded in 2013, currently has over seven thousand employees and roughly serves more than 100,000 people daily with over a thousand flights.

IGA wanted to see if Wellbees could assist its staff with a wellbeing programme to support them in these testing times mentally and physically, but most important to them, socially. IGA is the type of company where these words by Neil Greenberg PhD apply: "resilience does not lie in the individual but in the bonds between individuals".

Thus, social connections and nurturing them through a wellbeing lens were the programme's core. IGA joined Wellbees in February 2022 with a subset group of "cultural ambassadors" to pilot the project. The team wants to offer Wellbees and its services to the rest of the 7,000 employees by subsets starting in Q4 2022.