Four Common Habits of Companies that Report Excellent Wellbeing and Improve Bottomline by 2,2X

Why are we talking about employee financial well-being more than perhaps ever before? With the "Great Resignation" or well, the "Great Awakening", employees have the upper hand in the distributed cards perhaps for the first time ever. Millions of people around the world in the past year left their jobs at a rate higher than the previous ones. For example, the resignation rate in the US, which historically never exceeded 2.5% per month, rose to 3% in May 2022. Again in this period, there was a 50% increase in resignations in the UK compared to the two previous years. 

There is a similar trend -albeit one slowing down with the deepening global recession- in the rest of Europe and other countries. Since it is a global trend, and like with all international movements, it is impossible to get away with saying that there is only one reason for all this. Read the article to find out more about reason behind the mass exodus, and the best practices of companies that reversed this trend