Enerjisa Case Study

For the last 26 years Enerjisa Üretim, an energy company with over $1M output each year and hundreds of operators out on the field, has not only always prioritized sustainability but in investing in its people. It's mission is simple yet powerful; to delivery energy to all, including its own people. With 21 different locations, some being quite rural and remote, the leadership at Enerjisa wanted to ensure that all of its employees, regardless of location or job level, would have access to the same wellbeing services that could positively impact their lives in a meaningful way. (hint hint: these are the kinds of companies we live for!) Fast forward to today, Wellbees and Enerjisa Üretim have been partners for 4 years and continued to roll out comprehensive employee wellbeing programmes to every one of Enerjisa Üretim's 21 locations, including the game changing Health to Your Energy programme. This case study will outline the specific interventions taken with Enerjisa Üretim that reached outstanding employee turnover metrics.