Re-Energise Your Employee Wellbeing Strategy This Autumn!

Unsure how to spend your wellbeing budget?

Worried about getting buy-in from management and your team?

Want to start small and build strong foundations?

Introducing the perfect solution for you:

Our Autumn Refresh Programme.

Kickstart your team's wellbeing journey this September in just three months, all for a one-off, affordable price through the Wellbess platform. Brace yourself for an exciting ride!


Your 3 Month Campaign

Join us on the app for a myriad of engaging features like challenges, clubs, and content.

Delve into our monthly curated programmes, focusing on different aspects of wellbeing.

Plus, our AI-based analytics will help you uncover what truly works for your employees.

Let the transformation begin!


Back to Work with Good Nutrition

  • One-on-One Video Calls with Dietitians
  • Strong Body = Strong You Program
  • Best Version of You Program
  • Kickstart Your Habits Program
  • Good Sleep - Good Life Program


Mental Health Awareness Month: Start by Asking

  • One-on-One Video Calls with Psychologists
  • Our Physical Wellbeing and Mental Health Video Content
  • Psychological Self-Aid Kit Program
  • Our Unsettling Emotions - Audio Content


The Wellbees Challenge

  • One-on-One Video Calls with Personal Trainers
  • 3-Week Inter-Company Step Challenge
  • Exclusive Webinars with Personal Trainers
  • Extensive Content Library

*While we've crafted a suggested content plan for the next three months, we remain flexible to accommodate your preferred themes and topics.

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