Everybody does employee well-being. So, what sets us apart?

Well for starters, rather than juggling and paying for multiple employee wellness vendors to cover all your bases, Wellbees provides everything you'll need under one roof, saving you a ton of effort, time, and money.

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Here's how we do it

There is a science and method behind the madness. With over a decade of research and expertise under our belts, we've come up with a comprehensive, multi-pronged approach that provides a personalised experience to each employee while meeting organisational goals.

Our unique, proven approach combines the power of AI technology and human science, breaking down employee well-being into eight dimensions:

8 Wellbeing Subject

Taking these eight dimensions into consideration, Wellbees looks at the whole person and provides a personalised plan and approach for each one of your employees, meeting them exactly where they are on their wellness journey.

The science behind our approach.

Like most science and breakthrough models, our approach has been built on the shoulders of giants and giantesses. So, geek out with us for a second, okay?

Employee Experience

Positive Employee Experience (EX) is an increasingly targeted topic by companies to elevate human experience, motivation, and satisfaction at work. Also, with the pandemic creating a mental health crisis, there is also a rising demand from employees in terms of employment benefits such as wellness perks, employee assistance programs and self-care practices.

However, the impact of those benefits is understudied via evidence-based research. This discrepancy between academia and industry is likely due to either lack of collaboration between labs and companies, or the companies’ limited research resources and staff outside of academia.

At Wellbees, we are working hard to address this gap. This is why our scientific approach is based on Self-Determination Theory which is an organismic approach for wellness, growth, and development, and has been validated for the last 50 years of research beyond the lab settings in every domain of life, from work life to parenting, from exercise to diet, from romantic relationships to intellectual development, from health behaviors to volunteering.

Curious to do a deep dive into our methodology and research?.

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So, what will your employees get with Wellbees?

Personal Growth
  • The ability to track their progress including their overall mood, quality of sleep, water intake, and steps.
  • The opportunity to participate in Wellbees' specially designed pr
Expert Support
  • One-to-one messaging & video access for each employee to connect with dieticians, psychologists, therapists, and personal trainers.
  • Easy access to trained wellbeing professionals with the click of a calendar invite!
Social Connection
  • Online get-togethers via Wellbees video calls.
  • Team-based or interdepartmental challenges that foster connectivity, camaraderie and fun!
  • The ability to create clubs & attend events and webinars.
  • Themed Employee Engagement Campaigns planned every month by our team for yours!
Ai Customiastion
  • An AI-based personalised experience that makes suggestions on content, events, and activities based on each individual's needs and wellbeing goals.
  • The ability to provide anonymous feedback and communicate to the organisation their overall wellbeing experience within their respective teams by tracking their daily mood and feeling of engagement.
Wellbeing Rewards
  • The ability to earn WellPoints and redeem them in the WellMarket for all sorts of goodies!
  • Easy-to-use interface that's available via web or mobile app. Anywhere, anytime.
  • Active recognition and encouragement for engaged employees through earning badges and making it to the leaderboard!
Expert Content
  • Access to self-paced programs on a variety of topics.
  • Access to educational videos, live webinars and content, cherry-picked to meet each person's needs and interests in self-development.
  • Access to meditation, exercise, and mindfulness content.

Wellbees triggers and encourages personal and cultural behaviour changes in organisations to create workplaces that teams love.

Show me how it works!
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And don't think we forgot about you, the real magician behind the curtain.

We know very well all the hard work that goes into rolling out and maintaining company well-being programs.

That's why we've worked our buns off to make the rollout process as easy for you as possible while also building out a top tier dashboard for HR and company stakeholders to access real-time analytics on the progress of your organisation.

(more confetti, please!)

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Before we unveil the HR Dashboard, let's run through all the HR capabilities you'll have at your fingertips. Hold on for the ride!

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Ai Based Insights
  • Harness the power of our AI to take pulse checks on the mood and overall health of your people. (always in aggregate form that protects the identity of individuals)
  • Benchmark yourself against industry standards and receive action-oriented suggestions on how to resolve wellness gaps.
  • Track your organisation's wellbeing score and receive recommendations on which kinds of readymade surveys to send out to employees based on your score!
Hr Dashboard
  • 60+ prepared reports showcasing in aggregate form employee usage, activity, and trends within the platform.
  • Real-time pulsechecks on how your people are doing including: physical health, mood, activities, events, and employee engagement.
  • Beautifully designed quarterly reports highlighting company-wide progress, trends, and results that will make you look oh so good in front of your bosses. We won't tell if you won't.
Oddles Of Support
  • Our team of Customer Success gladiators will be at your beck and call, staying with you every step of the way to provide strategies and support so that you get the most out of Wellbees.
  • Receive thematic campaign content to send employees every month that cover different aspects of wellbeing and keep your employees engaged!
  • Let Wellbees plan tailor made workshops, webinars, and onsite events based on your employees' specific needs.
Ready Made Surveys
  • Choose from a library of the most widely used, readymade surveys and polls created by Wellbees to send to your employees for relevant, constructive feedback.
  • Create your own surveys and polls from scratch in Wellbees or edit pre-existing ones to meet your organisation's specific needs and context.
  • View real-time results from all surveys and polls in anonymous form, and be empowered to take a proactive approach in tackling areas for growth.
Seamless Integration
  • Have your cake and eat it too! Integrate all other benefit solutions you use with Wellbees to make your life that much easier and your work ten times more impactful.
  • Increase ROI with the capability to integrate EAPs, Microsoft Teams, Calendar, Slack, & your favorite content providers!
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Huawei, & Web to ensure accessibility across all demographics of your organisation.
Hands On Approach
  • Get full access to the control room of the platform and plan events, create clubs, reach out to new hires, and spice up your company culture with fun challenges!
  • Create your own poll or choose from our pre-made survey templates to get constructive, action-based feedback from your employees.
  • Send employees inspirational messages, stream live webinars, and showcase your team's interests to foster more connectivity.

Always keeping the privacy & identity of your employees protected.

Here's just a slice of the 100+ data points you'll be able to see in real time…

Monthly, Weekly, & Daily stats on…

  • Daily emotional pulse checks
  • Quality of sleep & step counts
  • Individual & total entries to the platform
  • Attendance ratios to challenges & events
  • Membership & initiation of clubs

The number of…

  • New users who join the platform each month
  • Monthly & weekly notifications and their open rates
  • Watched, read, & listened-to content

And more…(with us there's always more)

  • Online activity heat maps
  • Employee feedback & ratings
  • Expert usage reports & ratings
  • Survey reports & organisational well-being score
  • AI-based sentiment analysis & bite-sized insights on each department
And More

With a mechanism of effective wellbeing analytics, you can measure the overall wellbeing of your workforce and understand what factors step in to create the desired outcome. You know how your people are doing and reach data-backed insight, so you will be able to take meaningful action.

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