28 June 2024

Six Steps to Test Your Organisational Wellbeing

What would it be like to gain a deeper understanding of your employees' physical and mental health and customize your wellbeing strategies accordingly? This question sparked our inspiration to create the Wellbees Organisational Wellbeing Score Survey! 

Our comprehensive survey is designed to delve into the core aspects of employee wellbeing, uncovering valuable insights and providing a holistic understanding of their needs.


What is the Organisational Wellbeing Analysis?

The Organisational Wellbeing Score Survey, developed on the principles of Self-Determination Theory and research from St. John Fisher University, serves as a condensed version of Wellbees' AI-powered HR Panel. Through this survey, we evaluate 100 distinct data points concerning the company and its employees across six primary categories. Based on the resulting wellbeing score, we offer tailored recommendations to companies for areas of improvement.


Test Your Company's Wellbeing in Six Categories!


When we don't get enough sleep, we inevitably find ourselves more stressed, anxious, and dealing with concentration and memory problems. Irregular sleep negatively affects areas that allow us to enjoy life, such as productivity and success. Imagine if you could assess your employees' sleep status and benefit from wellness solutions accordingly—how would things change?



Our mood is one of the most fundamental factors affecting our wellbeing and productivity throughout the day. Of course, there are moments when we feel low, but to be satisfied with all aspects of our lives, we need a positive mood on average. Reflect for a moment - how could measuring your employees' mood and supporting their wellbeing impact employee engagement and productivity within the company?


Mobility & Health

Physical wellbeing is the area most correlated with our overall wellbeing. Our physical health habits have a domino effect on our other wellbeing behaviors. Take a moment to consider how having access to wellbeing solutions that promote your employees being more active affect your employee wellbeing strategies.



When we talk about socializing, many things come to mind, such as meeting new people, gatherings with loved ones, and being part of a community. Each of these activities means spending time together, sharing, creating and making them enjoyable and productive. Beyond the joy, socializing means connecting and is actually a necessity. We all need socialization for a healthy life. What if you could provide your employees with a work environment where they can socialize, connect, and create a world outside of work with their colleagues?



Employees need not only corporate wellness solutions but also a work environment where they can sustain their personal development, solve their problems, and be nourished in different ways. Understanding what kind of support your employees need and offering them a support network covering various expertise areas—how would this benefit your company?



Mindful awareness means being able to focus on one's mental, physical, and emotional state and observe oneself without judgment. This way, instead of getting stuck in challenging situations, we can make conscious choices that benefit us and allow them to pass. What change would it bring if you regularly provided your employees with resources such as webinars, audio and written content, clubs and challenges to increase their awareness on different topics?

Now that you’ve reflected on these six steps and how they might benefit your employees, ready to find out where your company stands in terms of employee wellbeing?

With our short survey, you can instantly get results and reinforce your employee wellbeing strategies with our recommendations!

Score My Organisational Wellbeing!

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