11 May 2023

How ‘ChatGpt’ Will Transform the HR World

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is said to be both a boon and a bane. Today, we have AI-operated software, cars, and even hotels offering services without staff. Yes, complete robot-operated hotels are becoming a trend in Japan. Scary or exciting? 


While it can prove to be an exceptional tool in improving lives, it can also be a grave threat as people fear losing their jobs. A very recent example is the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike that has swayed the world and is said to be the largest interruption to American television and film production since the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Writers fear that instead of using ChatGPT merely as a tool to help research or facilitate script ideas, companies might misuse it to replace writers in the near future. Screenwriters are fighting against AI to save their jobs. Now that is a threat nobody knew AI-powered ChatGPT could pose so quickly. 


ChatGPT and the HR world:


How ChatGPT can help transform the HR world is a question in the mind of many service providers out there. Walking on this tricky road is making people professionals feel threatened a tad bit at the moment. There are rising concerns over cutbacks as people fear losing their jobs to AI, which has become a global issue. CNN Business revealed in its feature that 300 million jobs could be affected by the latest wave of AI. Smh! ????


The future of the HR world with the introduction of ChatGPT is still unfolding, and the role of people professionals is not only dependent on routine activities. 


AI can do wonders in assisting people professionals:


AI can do an exceptional job in assisting people professionals in repetitive chores especially, such as employee onboarding, policy writing, job advertisements, training through virtual assistant and outreach copies, and much more. This will not only lessen the burden of people professionals but also help people professionals to focus on more critical areas such as "employee wellbeing" or creating a "healthy workplace culture."


ChatGPT can help people professionals streamline recruitment:


A factor that plays a crucial role in drawing the interest of a potential candidate is a lucrative job advertisement. A company's job post is the first impression a future employee will have to help make a decision. 


The good news, ChatGPT can create phenomenal job advertisements. It all depends on the input a people professional puts in, and the output will be as accurate and meticulous. In short, putting an input of three to four lines explaining what a company is looking for in a potential candidate, qualifications, etc. ChatGPT can create a full job post that can leave you stunned. Hence, saving a lot of time. People professionals no longer have to invest their valuable time to create such job posts.


Onboarding made way easier with ChatGPT:


Onboarding is the first crucial step to make new employees get adjusted and feel welcomed in their new workplace. Explaining to a new employee the company's policies, their job role, what the company expects, and the benefits they'll get is both not easy and a routine job for people professionals. And if there is any training, it adds more burden on one's shoulder. But onboarding with ChatGPT has become way easier than it was ever before. ChatGPT can be used to provide real-time guidance and automate administrative tasks. So no more worries about scheduling meetings with new employees or sending reminders for them to complete their paperwork, as ChatGPT has got that sorted.


Mc Donald's used “McBot” to assist with their employee onboarding process. Using NLP and ChatGPT to guide new employees through the onboarding process, McBot answers questions and provides training materials. 


Surveys, questionaries, and much more:


One of the fundamental duties of people professionals is to frame interview questions and feedback forms and conduct surveys within the company for which they will need a solid questionnaire. ChatGPT helps take that painstaking workload away as it can help people professionals create a well-thought-of questionnaire. ChatGPT creating a thoughtful questionnaire sounds funny, right? Well, AI comes with a bunch load of surprises.????


Accenture uses a virtual assistant named “Spark” to assist with their HR operations. Using NLP and ChatGPT, Spark helps provide employees with real-time feedback. It also answers questions and assists with HR-related tasks. Employees can make leave requests, while people professionals can also asses performance reviews based on the data from the virtual assistant. How cool is that?


ChatGPT helps create a personalized customer experience and leaves no room for errors:


Creating a personalized experience is necessary for companies today, as it can greatly help in low employee turnover and making profits. People professionals can use ChatGPT to lessen their work and still be able to establish a personalized employee/customer experience. Communications through AI are stunning the world today, and conversations can take a very interesting turn. All in all, people feel satisfied, and that's what companies aim for.


Also, ChatGPT can eliminate the room for human error. It is very much possible for people professionals to skip some things while introducing their newly-hired employees to their workplace. ChatGPT can help eliminate this error. New employees can feel at ease as AI-powered tools can answer all their questions immediately, making it less troublesome for employees and the company's administration.


But no matter the hype behind ChatGPT, there will always be some limitations when it comes to AI and human intelligence. A human eye on what ChatGPT generates is essential.

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