Tiny Habits to Keep Your Founder Brain Safe - Tales from the Silicon Valley, September 28

08 September 2022

78% of all founders say their mental health has been impacted negatively by running a business. We know how to fix that: fewer hours, more focused work, and more time with family. Yet only 17% of people who set these goals become successful at it. Based on the book "Tiny Habits" by Stanford Professor BJ Fogg, we will bake founders a secret recipe for hacking wellbeing. Expand your knowledge on individual behavioural change. Discover a habit-creating process based on science. Learn sustainable methods for permanent change with Melis Abacıoğlu, Tiny Habits programme coach and founder of Wellbees.

What are the topics that we will cover during the session?

-You will be expanding your knowledge on individual behavioural change. 

-You will learn about the "habit" creating process and be able to address your habits in a science-backed way. 

-You will learn sustainable methods to apply to your daily routine to create permanent change.

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September 28, 6 pm UAE


Link: https://www.linkedin.com/events/tinyhabitstokeepyourfounderbrai6973205729063112705/about/

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