Sticky Habits: The Method For You and For Your Employees' Wellbeing

03 May 2023

Time to get sticky! Think habits, not hands, and actions, not glue! Leaders often expend enormous effort trying to engage, motivate and encourage disinterested and depleted employees but feel frustrated and confused as to what works to create lasting change. What can prompt the change we need and turn well-meaning intentions into actions and make habits? Find out on Tuesday, May 23 18:00-20:15 BST at the CIPD Branch in Birmingham’s event at the Hotel du Vin for an introduction to the behavioural science of habit formation with Europe’s leading lifestyle behaviour change specialist and keynote speaker, Dr Heather McKee. Dr McKee will reveal the science behind the myths of healthy habit change, exploring what holds people back and ways to overcome it. 


Forget willpower, time for skill power! Dr McKee will share how we can move beyond relying on unreliable willpower and build our skill power to take control of healthy habits for immediate change. We’ll learn the Sticky Habit Method, research-backed secrets of what it takes to clear away the shackles stress, burnout and fatigue to create healthy habits. Then we’ll bump it up a high-tech notch with Wellbees CEO Melis Abacıoğlu’s talk on using high-tech solutions to make solutions tick and open up the dialogue with a moderated roundtable discussion. Hope to see you there! 


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