It's Not (Just) About The Money, September 20

08 September 2022

A 40-minute interactive webinar for People Professionals 

After ten years of helping companies with corporate wellness, we have seen many trends—yoga, meditation, mindfulness and mental wellbeing.

Money wears a mental wellbeing hat. As the world rides a high-inflation rollercoaster, we believe financial wellbeing is the utmost priority for People Professionals. Stay on top of this trend: debt per UAE household has increased 26% since 2013, while inflation hit 7% for the year in July 2022 in Dubai (the Emirates has the latest figures).

What to do? Like Jessie J sings, it's not (all) about the money. Financial wellbeing programmes must go beyond budgeting talks to resonate with people's life goals, attitudes, insecurities, real-life challenges and overall wellbeing. Your programme must align with and communicate your total rewards meaningfully to reap benefits.

Our webinar will show you how and let you join in the debate.


This fast-paced webinar will sweep you off your feet: no boring presentations, just unvarnished opinions and experience curated for People Professionals and the chance for you to have your say (anonymously or otherwise) as we crowdsource views. Some of the issues we will tackle in this action-packed 40 minutes:

· How the current economic outlook is going to affect your staff

· The gaps in financial resilience, knowledge and benefits for UAE employees

· How best to support your employees' financial challenges and fill in those gaps

· Case studies of effective financial wellbeing programmes for large and small budgets

· How to start implementing your financial wellbeing programme today

· The top trends in total rewards (surprise: wellbeing is rising!)

· Benchmarks from companies big and small on visualising total rewards


The webinar panel will feature:

· Steve Cronin (Founder,, expat personal finance coach and former management consultant

· Sachin Bajaj (Founder, Compport) with two decades of total rewards experience

· Moderator: Melis Abacioglu (Founder, Wellbees), HR tech enthusiast, equality entrepreneur and Tiny Habits Coach


Register now to participate live (and/or get the recording).

4 pm UAE, September 20, 2022



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