FutureFit: HR Wellbeing Trends in 2024

29 November 2023

Get ready to look into the future on December 14th. Join us at "FutureFit: HR Wellbeing Trends in 2024" for an exclusive HR gathering! We’ll dish out the details on the tech and wellbeing trends set to make waves in 2024. Sure, we’ll be predicting and interpreting what’s on the HR horizon, but in typical Bee style, spice it up to make it way more fun. 

Special guests will share insights into the topics that matter most to HR, making it a lively event of knowledge and collaboration. Our experts will drop updates on Wellbees from the last three months. How about learning Wellbees’ latest AI assistant: BeeBot!

Don't miss out – it's more than an event; it’s THE event about the future of wellbeing and HR excellence, wrapped up in our science-backed knowledge and good vibes. So, lock in the date, and see you there. Let’s make it a day to remember. 

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