CIPD Birmingham x Wellbees: On Wellbeing Birmingham, Hotel du Vin, November 3rd

25 September 2022

Samina Amin - Co-chair for the Birmingham CIPD branch

Amy McKeown - Award-winning Mental Health, Health & Wellbeing and Women's Health Consultant 

Melis Abacioglu - Founder, Wellbees 


Year 2023 is around the block. We have seen making our work make the headlines these past months with keywords like the Great Resignation or its cousin the Quiet Quitting. Wellbeing, perhaps, is more important than ever to implement. But what does that really look like? Is it the yoga classes, the smoking cessation programme or the meditation app? All of the above, none of the below? CIPD Birmingham Chapter is proud to present a session that will demystify the fog. Meet Amy McKeown, award-winning mental health champion and Melis Abacioglu, founder of Wellbees, followed by mindblowing moderated roundtable discussions (and yummy, wellbeing inspired food!)



18.00-18.10 Welcome

18.10-18.20 Ice Breaker

18.20-18.50 How to write and implement a health, mental health and wellbeing strategy, Amy McKeown

18.50-19.10 Wellbeing Analytics

19.20-19.50 Moderated Roundtable Discussions

19.50-20.30 Yummy Dinner and Friends :) 


How to write and implement a health, mental health and wellbeing strategy:

- Foundations and structure 

- Stakeholder Management 

- Implementation - making it work 

- Choosing the right health providers 


Wellbeing Analytics

1. Why is Employee Experience the talk of the day?

2. How do you turn employee experience into wellbeing experience? 

3. Employee Experience means you have to measure, reevaluate, measure, reevaluate, measure, reevaluate.... but how do you measure wellbeing?

4. Wellbeing analytics methods

5. Use cases (examples from companies that tracked wellbeing and remedied problems before they arose)


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