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Wellbeing and New Habits


Wellbeing and New Habits

Only 3% of the population is motivated to change and to adopting new habits for themselves. The remaining top 20% are relevant and aware, yet not ready for any action. The next 20% are relevant but not aware of the need for change. The rest is neither concerned nor aware. Our goal is to move all together towards the top of this funnel into a space completely open to change. How? By gaining awareness of daily updated measurements and reports of personal well-being values ​​and creating interest with wellbeing contents and engaging notifications.

Get small step easy-to-read good living content

Raise awareness of holistic well-being with written audio and visual content related to 8 subtitles of Wellbeing. Encourage your employees to take small steps towards a better life with personalized content.


Offer a starting point for well-being with measurement and reporting

Peter Drucker's legendary quote seems to fall in place here: If you can't measure it forget it! Visualize general health conditions with our measurement and report screens that allow employees to monitor their daily health status in consideration to their physical and emotional verticals and make these items manageable for them. From there you are able to provide each employee with data-driven personalized advice, tips, and resources with information about positive lifestyle changes.


Raise awareness with surveys!

Increase the awareness of your employees about the essence of wellbeing with the questionnaires we offer under 8 wellbeing topics.

Trigger habits with instant notifications

Budget period? Is there an audit? Offer solutions to your employees by using ready-made notification sets for the needs of these periods.

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