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Offer your employees the opportunity to receive one-on-one support from consultants who will establish the change they seek.

Studies show that 3% of our working population is ready for a change today. For some this need is generated from a positive spot: a desire to lose weight for a better quality of life a desire to gain a fitness habit to feel more energetic a routine of regular professional readings to improve themselves. For others more negative and problematic reasons arising from where they are in the life cycle may result in a need for change.


Access counselors from different verticals for each individual's specific well-being needs

Preparations for marriage pregnancy divorce being responsible for the care of an individual at home or similar difficulties could cause the individual to not be ‘well’ and thus unable to focus on the job. Therefore a spiral is triggered. Because I am not doing well I am not getting better at what I spend most of my time doing my commitment to work is decreasing and I am more distant from well-being in general. Then I should go back to the beginning. What is needed for both situations? A need-oriented individual solution. With Wellbees meet the need for change now for whatever reason with the help of our experts with individual support..

With Wellbees give your employees the opportunity to reach out to consultants through video calls live chats phone support and online groups.

Çalışan Desteği
Worker Support

Support your employees with positive psychology

As Wellbees we adopt a positive psychological approach. Only 3% of the population is open to change and to adopting new habits for themselves. The remaining top 20% are relevant and aware but yet not ready for action. The next 20% are relevant but not aware of the need for change. The rest is neither concerned nor aware. Our goal is to move together towards the top of this funnel into a space completely open to change; to initiate change for a life supported by better habits that prevent problems from occurring.

Employee Support

Support leaders

With the assistance of our expert advisors leaders are guided with executive support in everything they need from workplace conflicts and layoffs to change of management.

Our Results:
“%25 of the employees
benefited from the unlimited access to the experts.”
Çalışan Desteği
Wellbees Social Impact Report
September 2020.
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