01 August 2023

Wellbees has entered G2, the world's largest software platform

The platform only accepts companies with comments from real users.


The next-generation employee wellbeing platform Wellbees has earned the right to join G2, the world’s largest and most reliable software platform. Only software and technology companies with genuine customer reviews can be on the platform, which more than 80 million people visit yearly. Wellbees CEO Melis Abacıoğlu stated that they entered G2’s corporate wellbeing software with a general score and full points in different categories and will have a spot in G2’s report publishing in September. “Our access to this platform is one of the most important indicators of the quality of service we have brought to 18 countries, and it explains all the explanations of happiness. It is also a turning point for its goal of transporting it to the world.” Abacıoğlu also stated that they will continue pursuing becoming a deep technology product.


Wellbees, a new-generation employee wellbeing platform that contributes to the overall well-being of over 100,000 employees in 60 companies in 18 countries, has entered the world's largest and most reliable software platform. Based on actual customer reviews, the G2 platform, which contains 145 thousand products and services, allows 80 million people to choose the most suitable software and get offers from companies for it. After the evaluations of its users, Wellbees was qualified to be included in both G2's corporate well-being software table and its report to be published in September. Users have brought Wellbees to this table and the report by giving 5 out of 5 as an overall score and 10 out of 10 in the categories of ease of use, quality of support, and ease of installation. 


In their comments on the G2 platform, Wellbees users explained why they used Wellbees and how they benefited from it. The reviews of customers emphasized that Wellbees increased the interaction of employees with the company and each other by eliminating physical boundaries, gaining various interests outside of work, and raising awareness for a healthy lifestyle.


Melis Abacıoğlu: “Companies are working on at least one dimension of wellbeing.”


Melis Abacıoğlu, CEO of Wellbees, stated that the wellbeing of employees has become one of the top priorities for companies, especially after the pandemic. She said, "Research shows that 88% of HR professionals believe health and wellbeing support is crucial for employee motivation. A significant number of companies carry out studies on at least one of the eight dimensions of wellbeing, which are emotional, physical, spiritual, social, financial, environmental, and professional. As the Wellbees team, we continuously improve our product to help employees develop better habits and live better lives. As a result of our users' comments about our product, we are happy to be entitled to enter the G2 platform, which is one of the world's giants in the field of software, mainly based in the USA. Our access to this platform is one of the most important indicators of our service quality, which we have brought to 18 countries. At the same time, we believe it is a turning point in line with our goal of carrying the formula of happiness to the whole world.”


"We are working to become a software giant."


Abacıoğlu also mentioned that they aim to become a deep-tech product within a year. She continued, "We are working to transform into a software giant that offers recommendations in artificial intelligence, empowering employees and employers with different data to enhance their wellbeing. Another goal is to become a 'zebra.' A zebra is a movement that creates value for the world, balancing profit and purpose and inviting sharing of power and resources. We strive to be a player that creates value, changes how we work, and becomes synonymous with the category. In this regard, we focus on developing technological solutions that are the first and most preferred choice for corporate well-being in Turkey and globally."


To access Wellbees' page on the G2 platform, click here.

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