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Develop your project with on-spot data

Our reports are so smart thanks to Wellbees AI Assistant! Keep track of your employees’ feelings in the era of remote working and provide on-spot support for them by creating reports with AI analysis. Understand your employees’ wellbeing and provide useful solutions by data adjusted to age and gender engagement reports and sleep & mood map. Observe the influence of Wellbees on your employee’s life and improve your employees’ wellbeing by expert reports and challenge & activity reports. See what everyone is reading and cater to your employee's interest in novel ways by content reports.


We make it easy for you to decide!

They said no decision without knowledge; That's what the reporting screens on Wellbees are for. The most popular wellbeing topics the most consulted experts the company's total steps daily mood and sleep... In Wellbees get all the information you need in order to take your wellbeing program to the next level.

Keep your heart fresh with powerful CRM

The doctor did not return the employee’s email and there is the General Manager in Cc. These emails are in the past. Manage these emails in a single platform from expert reminders to manager alerts. You can follow up all experts with the strong CRM infrastructure.

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Use as much as you need with modular construction

With our modular structure you have the advantage of checking the Wellbees experience of your employees yourself from the management panel you can adjust services on/off whenever you wish

Enhance employee experience with strong integrations.

With our universal API infrastructure Wellbees allows you to collect all the employee experience date from the Core HRM programs you use to e-Learning platforms in a single button. With strong integrations combine all company's Human Resources applications with Wellbees in a user-friendly way; this way you will be strengthening your employee experience.


Assure project success

Work with a team that will always be there for your success and the 'good' of your employees from the first phone call till the launch from the first app trial till the first habit transformation. The Wellbees team works for a world where all individuals support each other without neglecting self-realization. With us you will pass through a well-trained journey that has been prepared for all process that will lead you to achieve the change you seek.

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Human Resource Analytics

Build leaders team for ownership

Leaders leaders leaders. All research states that all eyes will be on leaders during and after the pandemic. With Wellbees benefit from the features provided that can help you build a program where leaders can embrace their life goals and enjoy their journey to the realization of well-being.

Keep up with the updated behavioral science trainings that Wellbees regularly receives from BJ Fogg founder of Stanford University Persuasive Technologies Laboratory and his team. The updates are usually sharedwith Human Resources professionals.

  • Report your money back to management with reports - in a unique way!
  • Measure your impact and report it to management. Advance your career as the creator of case study programs with the Social Impact Measurement Report (SROI) which will be specially prepared for you. Contact us to review our entire Social Impact Report (SROI).

Are you ready to make a change?

Unlock the potential of your employees with Wellbees.

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