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We believe that well-being can't be achieved in one aspect of our lives in isolation but by looking at our lives holistically. Research shows that well-being means something different to all of us. For some wellbeing means going for a jog and eating leeks while for others it's about listening to music and spending time with loved ones. Our 8-headed well-being program collectively offers your employees the services that they need in their daily lives and builds a culture that supports each other while reaching their potential. Increase employee loyalty to the company with our 360 ° well-being platform focused on creating new habits. You can achieve that by your support guidance and reward to them. For more detailed information about our approach check out our article published on HBR.


Why Wellbeing?

In Turkey the term 'I'm fine' said by individuals of the population accounts for only 15%. During the COVID-19 pandemic this rate dropped to 7%. Being well is critical not only individually but also socially and organizationally. Why is that? Individuals who believe that they are doing fine are also 3 times more connected to the company, 27% more efficient at their jobs, and have 70% lower absenteeism rates. For this reason 80% of Human Resources professionals worldwide consider employee well-being as one of the most critical metrics for the success of their departments.

Why Wellbees?


We have been collaborating with opinion leaders around the world on behavioral change since 2013 and we have been working alongside you on creating new habits sustainably based on their research.

In order to create a sustainable wellbeing program we deliver all your end-to-end needs from experts to content from social functions to webinars on a single platform. This way you will have time for critical work on adoption.

We work precisely and carefully to have an effective influence. According to our impact report; each TL spent on Wellbees gives you a return on investment of 6.55 TL. Wellbees prioritizes creating commitment and behavior change. Contact us to review our SROI (Social Return on Investment) report.

Wellbeing and New Habits

Meet your wellbeing needs with the help of our programs, content, measurements, surveys, and notifications.

Social Platform

Build communities with functions to meet your socializing and remote commitment needs.

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Proactive Employee Support Program

Support your employees who feel ready for a change today with our skilled psychologists, dieticians, fitness coaches, and experts covering all 8 well-being verticals.

Gamification: Challenge and Awards

It's hard to start new habits on your own. With the power of sociability increase communication between departments and make gaining a new habit fun. Sociability can play a major role in increasing the communication needed between departments in order to help employees in adopting new habits without feeling any struggle.

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