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Current CEO Melis Abacıoğlu quits her day job and gets into the business of importing pedometers to no avail (argh!). But while trying to sell off the leftover pedometers to corporate companies, she finds that what companies really want is someone to set up company well-being programs for their employees. (lightbulb moment!)


Melis Abacıoğlu founds Actifit with the mission of supporting employees to lead healthier lifestyles and cultivate a culture of workplace well-being.


lis becomes one of the first Tiny Habit coaches of BJFogg, PhD, Head of Behavior Science Lab at Stanford University. #fancypants


Secil Mercan Gurcuoglu joins Actifit as Co-Founder and spearheads the building out of Actifit's first viable web-based product, a website with lots of well-being benefits sprinkled on top!


But alas, the team realized they were working with ancient codes from the previous app and needed to level up their game



Enter Kerem Gonulkirmaz, CTO-extraordinaire and our third Co-Founder!


Kerem & Melis travel to Las Vegas not to play blackjack but to attend the world's largest HR conference and learn from the best. (queue more lightbulb moments!) They both came back home, decided to trash the app as is, and start from scratch with their first team of developers.



Wellbees 2.0 is launched! (woohoo, celebratory lap around the room!)


Well, we all know what started in 2020 (that which shall not be named), BUT nevertheless Wellbees continued to scale!


Wellbees is in 17 countries, serving 40+ enterprise clients in 8 languages!


Wellbees receives a $2,2M investment from all institutional investors. #makeitrain


We are determined to take on the world! With the 5.0 version, Wellbees now operates in over 100 countries across over 80 companies in 10 languages, reaching over 250,000 employees.


Wellbees continues to draw inspiration from the close-knit, awe-inspiring, and bountiful communities that bees create together, working tirelessly with organisations across the globe to create workspaces that people love!

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We fiercely believe in using our resources to create positive impacts in under-represented communities.

Kızlar Sahada (Women on the Field) is a social initiative which empowers girls and women to embrace their love of football while challenging societal gender norms that dictate what individual can and can't do.

Kızlar Sahada

We’re an organization incredibly driven by data, and social data is no exception. Wellbees allows people professionals to analyze and track trends on its social tab to ensure the content is resonating and the effort invested by the team’s work has a much more significant impact.”

Katie Bisbee

Kizlar Sahada has trusted Wellbees to help support and provide mental well-being resources to its 250 female football players from 61 cities across Turkey. Just as we do with every organisation, our team at Wellbees created a custom program of content specifically geared toward the needs of Kizlar Sahada members. Our program allowed participants to socialise with one another, join challenges and clubs, and cultivate a vibrant, connected community of female Turkish soccer players who support and encourage one another.

Through their dedication and participation in Wellbees, these girls and young women earned WellPoints which allowed them to purchase sports equipment, language-learning courses, and receive expert consultation which contributed to their personal and professional development.

This is the type of impact we hope to continue having on communities across the globe!