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Wellbees power is displayed socially!

With the usage of our social platform, you will bring together employee engagement, grow online culture , increase company’s well-being, and have the opportunity to change the conversation in the office.

Create a democratic communication opportunity

At Wellbees, we provide an opportunity for anyone with a smartphone to have open and direct communication with each other, from the CEO to the new graduate. We Give people the opportunity of choice, with department and location-based selection opportunities as well as our follow-up options.


Build bridges between departments

According to their research, the biggest organizational problem in 2020 is the communication between departments. You can benefit from our platform by allowing hundreds of people from different departments in participating in the challenges and events to comment, meet and chat, regardless of the distance.

Host high-engagement online events

Aren't you tired of utilizing a separate application to create an online event, sending the link and posting a calendar on it? We are too. People are able to participate in the activities you open on Wellbees via video from within the appwithout the necessity of opening any other application, and the events are automatically saved in their calendar as well. How? Magic technology :)


Manage clubs under one roof

Assuming you have 41 company clubs. All of them have their own president, budget, and activities. All clubs are managed via whatsapp. Where Some are active, some are not. You find it difficult to inform new employees and existing employees how many clubs you have and respond to all needs of the club. If this is you, Wellbees is able to deliver the solution to your problem by creating a single ceiling for socializing.. Collect your clubs, club chats, events in one place, from presidential election to budget management, into a single club feature that all employees would love to use.

Quickly incorporate new employees into the culture

Approximately 60% of your newly recruited employees do not feel connected to the company. 70% of the leaders are also worried about the growth of the corporate culture, especially while working remotely. Make your new employees feel visible even from home with Wellbees!


Make your announcements visible

Do you sometimes feel like your emails are going to space rather than to inboxes? We know, we feel it too. Wellbees' notice area and notifications are designed for this purpose. With Wellbees, we support the announcements you post on the most opened home page with notifications. Catch up to 80% of views rate across the company!

Our results

  • "65% of the employees state that they clearly experience the result of increased communication with Wellbees."
  • Wellbees Social Impact Report September 2020.
  • Contact us to review our entire Social Impact Report (SROI)

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