Gamification: Challenge and Awards


The goal is to trigger behavioral change by the power of sociability.

The goal is to trigger behavioral change by the power of sociability.

It's challenging to adjust to new habits on your own.

Using the power of social

Strengthen the bond between employees and make gaining a new habit

Start new habits within the company with record attendance challenges! Change the behavior within the company with physical or mindful challenges, then reinforce them with rewards.


Reward healthy behavior

Use a progressive incentive system for employees to achieve their healthy goals.

  • You trigger new habits with basic challenges.
  • You make these habits permanent with internal or external referenced rewards.
  • With the points system in Wellbees, you support your employees hand-by-hand while accomplishing their targeted goals.

With the team challenges offered, you can make well-being a priority for everyone, not only HR departments.

With the challenges created on - Wellbees' challenge-suggestion system, employees can challenge each other, their experts (those who open a portioning challenge to dietitians here! Emoji), their departments or the entire company.

Our results

  • "According to 20% of the employees, these positive results have been achieved entirely due to " the challenges ".
  • Wellbees Social Impact Report September 2020.
  • Contact us to review our entire Social Impact Report (SROI).

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