Psychological Counseling

What is Psychological Counseling?

Studies show that 3% of our working population is ready for a change today. For some, this need is generated from a positive spot: a desire to lose weight for a better quality of life, a desire to gain a fitness habit to feel more energetic, a routine of regular professional readings to improve themselves. For others, more negative and problematic reasonsarising from where they are in their life cycle may result in a need for change. Preparations for marriage, pregnancy, divorce, being responsible for the care of an individual at home, or similar difficulties could cause the individual tonot be "well" and thus unable to focus on the job. Therefore, a spiral is triggered. Because I am not doing well, I am not doing well at what I spend most of my time doing, my commitment to work is decreasing, and I am generally more distant from well-being. Then I should go back to the beginning. What is needed for both situations? A need-oriented, individual solution.Our Psychological support is simply reachable : by phone, by video call via the app or one-on-one advice

Why Psychological Counselling?

With psychological counselling, you will support your employees to reach their maximum potential.

  • A study done by the UK Government says that 14% of employees in the UK, ie one in six employees, are struggling with psychological health problems. This situation, which often manifests itself in the workplace, negatively affects the motivation and performance of the employees.
  • The addition of Willis Towers Watson's company, show how the problem is clearly seen, stating how about three in every ten workers in Turkey suffer from severe stress, anxiety or depression.. These types of problems negatively affect the skills we call “executive functions” that we need in business life, such as focus and planning.
  • A study in the United States says that every $ 1 spent on psychological health comes back as a $ 4 health and productivity increase.

With consulting, you provide a platform for your employees to be at their best, with proactive support for the resolution of negative events in the life cycle or for improvement.

Psychological Counseling Service with Actifit

With Actifit, you support your employees in matters covering the eight verticals of well-being. Here are some topics you can support your employees with:

  • Social Relationship Counseling
  • Parent-Child Counseling
  • Emotion Management
  • Time Management Consultancy
  • Self-improvement
  • Balance between business life and personal life

You can provide psychological counselling services with more than one platform. Clients can reach consultants by writing, phone or video call via the Wellbees web platform or application. In addition, our consultants can also provide on-site consultancy services by visiting the offices

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