Telephone Consulting

What is Telephone Consulting?

Studies show that 3% of our working population is ready for change today. Answer this need with one-on-one consultancy. Telephone counseling is a tool where you can support your employees with multiple experts across the eight verticals of well-being. Our telephone consultancy service; It covers all the expertise you may need in the 8 verticals of psychologist, nutrition, sports counseling and well-being. Our experts provide consultancy services to employees over the phone.

Why Phone Consulting?

Telephone consultancy allows employees to receive consultancy services in more than one area over the phone without having to go to any office. In addition to the employees, their families can also benefit from this service. The telephone consultancy service, where people can ask any questions they may have to our dieticians, psychologists and sports teachers with just one phone call, provides fast and personal solutions to the needs of employees. Studies show that 72% of employees prefer online or telephone calls to save time.

It reduces the time that employees are absent during working hours by 68%. So, it seriously reduces the absenteeism rate.

In addition, with these consultancies, there is a 73% reduction in the productivity loss arising from the mental health of the employees.

As a result of all these factors, research suggests that every $ 1 spent on consulting brings companies $ 3.

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