Corporate Nutrition Consultancy

What is Corporate Nutrition Consultancy?

Corporate Nutrition Consultancy aims to raise employees’ awareness about regular nutrition and related habits, and seeks to change them permanently for the better. Among the topics of corporate nutrition consultancy, there are topics such as preparing company-specificied menus, ensuring healthy kitchen conditions,and regular online / on-site trainings. Nutrition counselling for employees of the institution includes sub-breakdowns such as healthy eating, raising awareness regarding habits, and changing habits with this awareness.

Why Corporate Nutrition Consultancy?

Factors such as stress, time pressure, and time management problems in the workplace can lead to irregular eating habits. This has a negative impact on health and productivity.

A scientist from Far Eastern who said ‘tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are’. We totally agree with this theory. With Corporate Nutrition Consultancy, you will switch to a new life style that will ignite recognizable energy in your organization and provide one-on-one consultancy service to the employees who seem to need the guidance the most.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that an adequate and balanced diet can increase employee productivity by 20%. It is possible to minimize the "Monday Syndrome" seen among employees with the proper nutrition.

In a study conducted by the USA-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it was determined that 75% of institutional health expenditures were made due to chronic diseases related to nutrition. Wrong diet, frequent alcohol consumption, use of tobacco products and insufficient physical activity were shown as the main reasons causing chronic diseases.

Study by Population Health Management magazine states that employees with irregular eating habits are 66% more absent.

Nutrition Consultancy Service with Actifit

  • Corporate Nutrition Consultancy: Designing Dining Hall and Snack Menus
  • Face-to-Face Corporate Nutrition Consultancy with Dietitian Service in the Office
  • Dietitian Service via Phone
  • Dietitian Service via Video Call

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