Live Broadcast & Workshops

What are Live Broadcasts & Workshops?

With online webinars, you present the experiences that you could not have realized on-site to your employees live. With live broadcasts and workshops, you perform different activities in Wellbees' eight-headed world of well-being online.

Why Live Broadcast & Workshops?

Only 3% of the population is open to change and start new habits for themselves. The remaining top 20% are relevant and aware but not yet ready for action. The next 20% are relevant but not yet aware of the need for change. The rest is neither concerned nor aware. Our goal is to move all together towards the top of this funnel, into a space open to change. It creates awareness with live broadcasts and workshops; With the power of sociality, you trigger new habits.

Bonus Answer: Bonus Answer: 72% of the employees who attended live broadcasts and workshops say they would not have had time for these events if they were done on site. With live broadcasts and workshops, you cover employees who wouldn't normally be able to attend these events!

Live Broadcast & Workshops with Actifit

As Actifit, we present our live broadcasts & workshops under eight wellbeing titles, some of which seem very separate from each other, each affecting the other.

Here are our main categories, and some live broadcast and workshop titles we have prepared for you in these categories:


Basic components of physical well-being; regular exercise, balanced diet, good sleep, effective stress management, and regular health checks…

  • We Moved Sports To Our Home
  • We Make Healthy Dessert
  • From Our Neighbor: Greek Appetizers
  • The tricks of cooking barbecued meat with Chef Sinan Büdeyri
  • Practical Yoga Movements for Spine Health
  • Nutrition During Pregnancy


According to the definition of WHO (World Health Organization), emotional well-being includes being able to reach one's own potential, cope with stress, work efficiently and creatively, and contribute to society.

  • Happiness Workshop
  • Managing Anxiety and Stress while Dealing with the Unknown
  • Mindfulness: Understanding Emotions Through Mindfulness
  • The Power of Thanks and Feeling Good
  • Inside out: Cinema and Emotions
  • Coping With Negative Emotions


Social wellbeing is defined as having a deep social network with meaningful and supportive relationships that can make it easier to cope with life's challenges.

  • It's All About Relationships
  • Relationship / Marriage in the Modern Age
  • Scorecards are in e-School ... So where are the parent reports?
  • Improvised Theater Work
  • Volunteering 101
  • Father's Day Webinar


Spiritual wellbeing is defined as understanding and making sense of the beliefs, values ​​and ethical rules that guide our lives.

  • Smells and Emotions
  • Laughter Therapy
  • Meditation 101: introduction to meditation
  • Mindfulness: Knowing Oneself with Mindfulness
  • We Breathe, We Calm Down


Intellectual wellbeing is not to lose interest in life and the environment, to learn new things continuously, to engage in creative activities, to read just for pleasure, to follow social and political issues, to become a member of clubs that will meet our intellectual needs; In short, it includes keeping our minds open and feeding with quality ingredients regularly.

  • Tiny Habits- Small Habits Seminar
  • Artificial Intelligence 101
  • Home Knitting Training
  • Music is Food of the Spirit
  • Mobile Photography
  • Kadikoy vs Karakoy Art Walk
  • Popcorn Azapta: Next Generation Movie Talks


Occupational wellbeing is possible by enjoying the work done, feeling that it makes a meaningful contribution to society, having a manageable working tempo and having supportive relationships in the work environment.

  • YGS as a "End of Chapter Monster"
  • Making Unique Individuals Feel Holistic and Including: A Culture of Intimacy and the Power of Inclusion
  • Yesterday and today of journalism in Turkey
  • Girls on the Field: Use Football for the Power of Inclusion!
  • Time Management: Work Life Balance
  • The Miracle of Change and Transformation


Financialwellbeing includes being able to live comfortably within our current economic possibilities, to be an aware consumer, and to plan the financial health conditions we would like to be in the future - and, of course, to act within the plans made.

  • Economy and Future: What Should We Do?
  • Family Budget and Financial Literacy
  • Smart Investment Advice
  • What Is The Financial Future Telling Us?


Environmental wellbeing covers a wide range of awareness from keeping our table tidy to global environmental problems, knowing what can be done better and taking the necessary steps in this direction.

  • Recycling Starts at Home!
  • Waste Reduction by Changing Consumption Habits with Conscious Choices
  • Minimalist Autumn Cleaning
  • We anchor
  • Potted Garden
  • We Create New Objects With Recycling

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