Our History

Our journey begins with our hero Melis Abacıoğlu , who happened to have everything going her way in life yet felt unsatisfied and that lead into an early middle-age crisis. Melis was strong enough to resign from the institution that she used to work at and decided to establish Actifit, a corporate wellbeing company that will be the cure to cases like hers. Actifit's goal is to create a world where everyone supports each other along with self-realization. Three years post Melis’ decision, on her first day in puerperium, Seçil Gürcüoğlu Mercan, who left her previous job as well with similar questions, started to work as a founding partner. They run daily with their team of 14 people with 1000 gigantic power in order to take Wellbees, the wellbeing-oriented Human Resources technology product they created together, to the next level along with the software architect, Kerem Gönülkırmaz. Click here for the legendary team.

Our Wellbeing approach

We believe that every person is a whole, it is not possible to be good by simply eating leeks and running marathons.The concept of well-being has a different meaning for everyone. For detailed information regarding our approach, access our HBR article (wellbees will go to 8 topics).

Our approach to technology

While putting Wellbeing and technology together in the same sentence, we are aware of the need to think once again, and we are aware of the responsibility of the data we create. Click here for our latest HR Technologies report.

Our Human Resources approach

We believe in triggering behavioral changes of formal or/and informal leaders and their wellbeing journeys. We neither do everything for you nor just watch you from the edge. We believe that a good project means good team play. Click here for our most up-to-date Future of Human Resources report.

Our approach to impact

We measure our social impact and feel proud to share our reliable reports. Social Return on Investment - Write to us for our Impact Investment Return Report.

Our approach to Behavior Change

We trust that the road to every goal we set to reach is woven with habits, and we are proud of our behavior change engineering. Write to us for the Tiny Habits coaching that we created in collaboration with BJ Fogg, founder of Stanford University Persuavie Labs, in the documentary Social Dilemma.

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