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About Wellbees

We believe in sustainable change. Using the environmental change model, we trigger new habits with a multi-layered approach. Content, challenges, seminars and specialist: all are accessible through Wellbees' Android, iOS and web-based platform.

Activate your life with new habits!



Access content in all eight areas of wellbeing: financial, physical, emotional, environmental, intellectual, social, occupational, spiritual.


List events created by you or employees.



Challenge employees or inspire them to dare one another for change!


Allow employees to book appointments with specialists and manage their bookings!


List your or Wellbees' set of specialists to trigger change.



Showcase your company's groups and teams under one compact platform.

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JLL Turkey - COO/CFO

With Wellbees, running a marathon as a corporate team is not just another corporate activity. It is the essence of life! With Wellbees and its multi-layered change model, we offer seminars, challenges, content and specialists to trigger change.



Roche Türkiye - Corporate Communications Specialist

Corporate life is quite busy. With Wellbees, employees from different departments got to know each other and had a chance to move as a team.



Allianz Worldwide Partners - Corporate Communications Specialist

We created an employee brand AGAFit with Wellbees. This created a new wave of healthy living and exercise among employees. With your help, we showed we care about our employees and strengthened further our engagement with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Corporate Wellness?
Initially seen as a mere "trend" to cut costs and get benefits from insurance and the government, corporate wellness is today considered as the holistic Human Resources approach to guarantee employee engagement.
What is Wellbees?
Wellbees is a corporate wellbeing platform that operates on iOS, Android and the web. Wellbees uses the environmental change model and triggers new habits with a multi-layered approach among employees.
Why use Wellbees?
According to the Gallop Wellbeing Survey in 2015, 65% of all employees around the world say that they are on the verge of burnout. Yet, the 35% that is thriving is 27% more productive at work, 35% more engaged and has 70% less absenteeism at work. However, making people well to help them "thrive" means to change habits. This requires time, money and expertise. Wellbees uses its multi-layered change model to offer just that: a platform with experienced specialist and a business model that saves you time and money!
Who can use Wellbees?
Employees can use Wellbees to get new habits. Human Resources Professionals can use Wellbees to trigger change within an organization.
How to contact with us?
You can call or shoot us an email! Hooray!
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